Chris Jay is the creator of Stuffed & Busted, a Patreon-funded media outlet documenting food and drink culture in North Louisiana.

Who is this bozo?
Chris Jay (that’s me…I hate writing in third person) is the creator and primary author of Stuffed & Busted, a Patreon-funded, independent media outlet dedicated to exploring, documenting, and celebrating food and drink culture in North Louisiana. The majority of Chris’s personal income comes from the Stuffed & Busted Patreon, which you can join for as little as $3 per month. Chris lives in the Shreve Island neighborhood of Shreveport and works full-time as a freelance writer and social media manager, believe it or not.

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Stuffed & Busted is a project of All Y’all Media LLC.  

Why Stuffed & Busted?
It’s a reference to the fun things that we do to shrimp in Shreveport: we stuff ’em and we bust ’em. Sometimes on the same day.

Can I advertise with Stuffed & Busted?
Yes…please! Join the Patreon at the Advertising Sponsorship level for $100 per month, and we’ll get your ad on the site ASAP.

Speaking of money, is this content sponsored?
Some of it is. I always aim to clearly identify sponsored content. If you catch me not doing so, call me out on it. Most content on the site is not sponsored.

Have a story you’d like to write—or like me to write—for this website?
Tell me a little bit about it by e-mailing ChrisJay318 at gmail dot com.